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When it comes to transportation, many people don't think of walking as a resource, but in many cases it can be!

Did you know that even though 41% of all trips made in the United States are one mile or less, fewer than 10% of those trips are a made by walking and biking.

Walking is good for you and good for the environment. Consider walking, the next time you have a short distant to go.

When walking, it is important to keep your safety in mind. Click here for a safe walking guide.

NE Iowa boast a great network of trail systems. The website has an informative list of area trails.

Need new sneakers to start your walk off right? Mayo clinic offers a useful guide on selecting proper footwear.

Have you heard of a Walking School bus?
  • It is the simple and fun way to get children to school safely.
  • It promotes health
  • It positively impacts academics
  • It improves safety in your community
  • And, it's 100% FREE

Learn more here